Monday, December 29, 2008

modul: Time management

this is my first modul in all about time management..

so sape2 yg tak puctual tuh bile tgk modul nih agak takot la kan.. ahahaha.. for me that will be no prob... im the early person type.. da biasa bgun pagy n g keje pagy2.. dulu pun keje kol 730am da smpai kat opis.. lepak baca paper dulu bace buku ke.. besh bile pegy cepat so tak yah nk berebut2 parking ke naik lif ke.. rileks2 aje.. ;)

Ok in this modul, they tell us about the concept, the importance, key principle and tips and technique of time management. Time management is all about Self management. If we can manage the time so we can manage our time wisely. The definition of efficiency is doing the things right and follow the rules. Meanwhile, weffective is doing the right thing and is all about the result not how to do it. 

How do we manage the time? First we have to list out the tasks given, Then we put all the datelines and prioritize which one is most important, for task is not too important, we can deligate it to our subordinate. The deligation must be SMART (Spesific, Measureable, Achieveable, Realistic and Time Bound).

The are also ABC method which A part is Must Do, B part is Should Do and C part is Nice to do. A part is critical items and have the dateline, the example of this type of task is report,paying bills, etc. B part is medium value task which dont have any dateline and this task is just to improve or performance just like reading attend class and so on. Meanwhile, C part is the lowest value task which is fun and nice to do and have no dateline.

There are 2 type of time waster which are Self-generate and Environemntal-generate. For self generate it comes from our own self and principle, social attraction, perfetionism and risk avoidance. The example for env generate are something happend without our control such as visitor, customers and phone calls.

No matter how we plan our own task given, the obstalce stil hapend witout our control. so we must get ready to handle it. my tutor here told us about "shit happend" mean something that we dont want to happend will still hapend.. so he said that CYA (cover ur Ass) ahahahah :P LOL. There are several ways how to do when shit happend.. :P  Renegociate, recover last time during later step, narrow the scope of project, deply more resource, accept substitutor, seek alternative, accept partial delivery and offer incentive.

Do not procastinate ur work because it will become more worst. Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mistery, Today is a Gift. that why it is called the Present

I think that all what do i get form this modul, the tutor for this modul is hilarius his voices quite loud and i still can remeber the giggles. for this modul we have to done 2 assignment and my team had won for second asgmnt.. yehaa.. ;) on ghafar case.

Thank You mr Azahar for all the knowledge on time. I really hope that i can apply those knowledge in my working and daily life.