Thursday, January 1, 2009

MODUL 2 : Office Management

Office management is my second modul.. adeyh la afrina da lame dok rumah baru modul ke 2 masuk dlm blog.. pemalas btol la awak ni haa.. ehuhuhuhuhu ;P orait... b4 that rasenye i already wrote this overview for magazine yg tak jadi tok green.. so maybe i juz publish it here la kan.. sbb mag tuh tak jadi.. eheheheheh :P
This modul tells us about what is office. Office is a place, room, or building which busines or firm is done. Office is emerge as a communication center for employer, employees, suppliers and customer. It is also act as image of the company and storage center. The second word is management, when we discuss about management, PLOC is the main point where P is for Planning, L for leading , O for Organize and C for Control. Worker, Work Place and Work Process (3W) are the main point for office management.
There are 2 type of work station which is conventional and modern. We are also exposed by all office equipment and office supply. Another part of this modul is management of office employees. In this part, it can be divided into three smaller part which is how to manage workers, ethic and etique and working for more than one manager. The way how the workers can be managed are by hiring, training and development, supervising, dicilpline, sexual harastment, and disriminate.
The last part of this modul is about management of office system where the subtopic for this part are organization structure and office, manual publication, record management, travel and fucntional. For this modul, I still can remember where we have to build an overview about all this modul in mind map, our group is the fastest group which finished this asgmnt but not proper... ahahaha.. :P im the one is write in the mind map.. ehuhuhu
in this class we learn how to sing tiger song.. a very motivated song for us when we r sleepy in the evening, ehehehe.. then we know how to play konji2.. a japan game.. ;) nice one mr Razali.. thanks for those knowledge.. yehaaa Owh... b4 i forgot... here in this modul Mr R told us where to stand when giving a presentation.. we have to stand at the starting of the word which is on ur right side...picta berebut kek mizon dengan yatot.. ehuhuhu i got more.. :P

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