Sunday, January 4, 2009



Let me start wif the definition, Leadership is a process of Influencing a group of people for carrying a common task. The theory of the leadership had been change, old myth said that leadership was born with that trait, but nowadays everyone can be a leader.. if not to other person its for their own self and the traits and skill can be develop by some way. There are 7 types of leadership which are due to elevation of position, power, charisma, moral excellence, intellect, and expertise or ability.

In this class we have to analyze our frens can be a leader due to what category, it can be one or more than that. For me, 2 out of four said that i can be a leader due to expertise and ability and another two said that i can be a leader due to charisma and moral excellent. But for me, im my self judge myself i can be aleader due to charisma..ehohoho ;D

In This modul, we learn there are many differences between amnager and leader. Manager is much more firm and juz do a job which is listed and organized. they do things right. but for Leader, they focus more on people, they influence and the keader do the right things. So u can choose whether u want to be a leader or manager.. a leader of course..;)

To be a great leader they must passionate about their work, take prode in taking about it, they have high energy, clear thinking, they capable of communicating to diverse audience and empower subordinate. so peep if u can have these traits u can be a great leader...

Next, we learn bout what is team. A team is a group of people,having shared values,work together and toward common goals and objectives..There are 5 stages in team developement. First stage is Forming where all members explore boundaries of behavior, here there must be a lot of initial arguement where all team member trying to understand each other well. Next step is Storming where teams member argueing about the direction of the group. The third stage is Norming where all the team members start to accept team member roles. Then the next stage is Perfroming where in this stage most of team can work together because they understand each other well. The last Stage for this team development is Mourning where this stge us the end of team life and all the team member are sad to be apart from each other.

According to Belbin the roles of the excellent team can be divided as LEADING, DOING, THINKING, and SOCIALIZING. In leading, there should be a coordinator, and shaper. In doing, there must be implementer and completer/finisher. Monitor/Evaluator, Plant and speacialist must be in Thinking part and Resource/Investigator and team worker should be in Socializing. The team work best when each team member know thier roles, there is a balance id primary roles and work to thier strengths anda manage weakness.

On this modul we have to werk in gorup to solve a survival plan in amazon.. ehuhuh luckily my team got the forest girl which is syahida.. she knws forest very well so we can build our survivor plan efficiently. My team mate in this modul areDayah,Fahna, Mizon, Syahida, Yati and rahimah.. and after this modul i sugest that all of us must sit at different place and diferrent person each modul.. :> n this method work out.. so that all of us know each other well.. ehhehehehe

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