Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Being Me: Divine Deliberation Conference - Positive Mental Attitude - Prof Muhaya Mohammad, PICC 29 June 2013

2 Julai 2013

She dont lecture, she asked the participants to raise the questions which can benefited all. So here is the collection of the answers that cover all the questions raised during the session.

  1. There  is no lazy people, only uninterested people
  2. Unsuccessful people make excuses
  3. In live, we dont fight or deny, we replace
  4. Have a script on what you want to be in 5-10 years time
  5. Our KPI must be Allah oriented, not people or what people say bout us
  6. Modesty is everything
  7. Be an expensive and exclusive girl, dont give too much to man
  8. During we greeting people, shake hand well, recite selawat and doa for the people who greeted us
  9. We will get what we give, if something bad happen to you, look back on what you do to other previously
  10. In live, what we want to do consider these two (2) things (Why we do it) and (How we do it). why we do it must be Lillahitaala, and how we do it must be shariah compliance
  11. The best place to pray is hospital
  12. Knowledge need to be applied and implemented
  13. Knowledge that you give will get back to you. So give a lot of knowledge to others
  14. You can create your own positive aura through:
  • Spiritual - dont be ego
  • Emotional - love, gratitude, generosity
  • Physical - Smile genuinely
  1. Those who do good deeds will increase good hormone in your body
  2.  Speak a good words, give more to people,
  3. If you dont have money to give, plus your effort to do good deeds
  4. Many people who have cancer, have a lot of anger and hatred in their body 
  5. People who love to show off is a tension and depressed people
  6. Positive words will increase your inner strength
  7. If you want to forgive a person, look at the person as she/he is 5 years old. Accept the faith, recite fatihah to him/her and say I forgive. repeat it all over again
  8. We seek Allah's forgiveness, but we dont want to forgive other people
  9. Stop worrying about life, get a life, we cannot control and know everything that good for us. Allah has planned for us.
  10. The more you seek for people's approval, the more you will get disapproved
  11. To set an aim/mission statement, 4 things to do:
  • Be specific [ tell details bout your wish/missions]
  • What is others focus [dont do it for the benefit of yourself, think for others need/benefit]
  • Unwavering to Faith [100% trust of Allah's faith to us]
  • Greatness of gratitude [Thankful on what you get, syukur]
  1. Thought will change to intention, intention will become action and reality
  2. Before sleep think on what we want to be (the good image/person and actions)
  3. People who loves to critics are not doing things, they are busy talking and not doing thing
  4. No critics only feedback
  5. Think positively, there is a message from ALLAH to us via the people who feedback to us
  6. How to be istiqamah?:
  • Have a good intention
  • Have a good friends
  • Have a journal and score of your good deeds
  • Listen to self development audio/ seek for ilmu every day
  1. Kids are mirror to yourself
  2. Emotion is a magnet, choose the good thought, observe ourselves
  3. What you get is what you hold in your mind
  4. Your friends are a mirror to you
  5. Everyone come from Allah, Treat people as you want people to treat you

For those who attended this session and have anything to add from your notes, you are most welcome..

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Dalam program being me,prof muhaya ada cadangkan satu buku niy,blh saya tahu tajuk n pengarang buku tu???