Sunday, June 1, 2014

Back to The Nature

1 June 2014

During my visit to the ordinary place that we go everyday, I wondered how a man destroy all creatures in this world by going just to the loo... At first as muslim, we need water to clean us up after our 'business', after that we need tissue to wipe the excess of the water, later we need to use water again to flush the toilet, to keep it clean. Once we exit the door, we went to the sink and wash our hand, we use hand soap to make our hand clean and for sure we need a toilet paper/hand dryer to make our hand comfortable. Not forgotten the light that we use to make sure we can see clearly.

Doing business in the toilet alone, we have scarified a lot of natural resources, i feel bad every time I went to the toilet, I try to minimise the water usage for clean up and use 1 piece of tissue to dry the excess water, switch off  the light every time I exit the toilet. Can you imagine how many liter of water that you use daily,weekly, monthly and annually. Oh my, I hope that I use it wisely and will not be asked during hereafter.

I'm not talking about anything else, just doing the business in the small room, I'm not talking about taking a bath everyday, wash dishes, wash a car, etc. That only the water part, did you realise that you need a lot of energy to generate electric, to recharge the smart phones and gadget. Oh my, mankind is so cruel to the mother nature and satisfied only for his/her needs. I'm the one of them. I wish that I will not be asked hereafter. Oh Allah, please forgive me on every single creatures that had been scarifies for me...

That is the thought of the day.
Really hope that we are kind to the mother nature and pray and thankful to  Allah for being so useful to us.

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